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apsynt's Journal

Hans-Joachim Marseille
When I gaze into the sun; the fires burn my eyes
There I gaze into enlightenment;
There I see the serpent rise
When I gaze into the moonshine; so translucent so serene
I behold the rise of madness;
And attest to drunken dreams

When I gaze into the future; it is ruin that I see
There is absinthe in my chalice
Sweet sobriety set free
When I gaze into the orifice; of my lover's nest exposed
I behold the cleft of Venus
In the heart of raven hose

When I gaze into the present; implications burn my eyes
There I see the death of nature
There I see the world's demise
When I gaze into the past; there are brown shirts that I see
They are marching forth for Caesar
They are marching forth for me

When I gaze into the heavens; I see angels falling down
Seeking refuge in the sunshine
Crushing gently to the ground
When I gaze into the gardens, of creation unrevealed
I behold the corpse of Adam
Killed by reasoning of Eve

Those who are about to die salute You! Heil!
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