Hans-Joachim Marseille (apsynt) wrote,
Hans-Joachim Marseille

a pretty sunrise as seen by me whilst walking home, and it took me less than an hour and a half :)

^hiding behind a glass to get away from troubles of every day life

^haphazardly swinging semisharp objects near out heads

^"i really hate you"

^"as soon as i finish rolling thic cigarette i WILL cut your head off"

^my psychic powers enabling me to capture Klint walking through the doors...though i didn't predict the machettes

^results of a possum hunt.

^must have been a dire possum of doom

Been feeling rather lonely lately. also started drinking quite a bit, still not going to get drunk in presence of others but i am fine in privacy of my hermitage. Uni starting tomorrow and i am not sure if i am looking foreward to it as everything lately has been rather monotonous. I need a break
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